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428 W. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd, Akron, Ohio 44319
Call/text: 330-620-2875               
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The Li'l Yoga Shop is a warm and cozy yoga studio nestled in the heart of the Portage Lakes. 

We have 2 welcoming yoga studios with a variety of yoga classes designed for the beginner to the advanced yogi, from a restorative stretch to a heart pumping energy boosting class.  

Our teachers are all Yoga certified with a years of experience. Yoga is a life long practice so join in with our life-time practicing team of yoga teachers.  
Yoga and chiropractic care go hand in hand.  That is why we are so honored to have Rubber City Chiropractic and Dr. Jim Morgenstern DC in the Studio.  Jim's philosophy is about health, feeling better, performing better, looking better and an overall sense of well-being.

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