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Rise and Shine - Stretch the morning aches and pains away and get your energy flowing.  A class designed for everyone....

Morning Stretch  - This is not a traditional yoga class. This is a good ole' stretch class designed to lengthen the body, cleanse your internal organs and strengthen your spine and core.

Level 1/Beginner Flow - For the beginner or anyone looking to bring empowerment back to their lives. Take your basic poses and connect your breathe work and get your energy flowing.​

Level 2 Yoga - Take your practice deeper, while finding inner strength, endurance and freedom from stress and ego. Add additional poses to your basics practice and take your basic poses deeper.​

Level 3 Power Yoga - Incorporate the breathing and poses from level 1 and the endurance and inner strength from level 2 adding inversions, arm balances and serious core strength. 

All Level Yoga - A yoga class fit for your day to day needs.  Whether light or intense, you decide where to take your practice that day.

Slow Flow - A practice that makes you feel every sensation in your body and then allows you to move with that sensation. Slow your practice down and get in touch with your intuitive mind.

Mindful Yoga - take an honest look at your practice, observing our breath, mind and body. Build on your current practice while honoring your body. This class is best for those with at least one year of practice.

​​​​​​Gentle Stretch - A gentler form of Yoga that supports physical, mental and spiritual needs. Learn therapeutic modifications, mindful breathing practices and movement awareness.
Chair Yoga - A gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair, or standing using a chair for support. Perfect for anyone unable to participate in a traditional yoga class.

Stretch & Strengthen - build strong muscles while working through a series of muscle lengthening poses.