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Yoga Flow All Levels Incorporate the breathing and poses from level 1 and the endurance and inner strength from level 2 adding inversions, arm balances and serious core strength. 

Power Vinyasa Flow A practice that makes you feel every sensation in your body and then allows you to move with that sensation. Slow your practice down and get in touch with your intuitive mind.​​​​​​​​

Chair Yoga A gentle form of yoga that is practiced sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. Perfect for anyone unable to participate in a traditional yoga class.

Easy Flow The basics of yoga. A class for beginners or anyone building strength, focus and balance from a softer level

Stretch & Strengthen Build strong muscles while working through a series of muscle lengthening poses 

Morning Stretch an hour of floor static stretches to open up hips and shoulders and lengthen muscles.

Chakra Flow an hour of movement and yoga poses that focus on energizing and opening up the 7 major chakras that sit along the spine

Yoga Groove a low/no impact class mixed with traditional yoga poses and belly dancing.

Restorative Yoga 8 restorative poses designed to renew, regenerate and remove stress, tension and underlying trauma that cause havoc on the body.