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Connect with Your Chakras to Connect with your Body

Our subtle energy body is composed of the aura, the chakras and the meridians. The aura has many layers that are often not seen by the naked eye, but can be felt pretty easily The chakras are spinning wheels of light energy. They correspond to nerve bundles in the physical body and impact different parts of our body, emotions and environment. We bring in energy from the environment through our chakras and also give energy to the environment through them. 

EACH physical symptom in the body can be backtracked back to an issue with the corresponding chakra.

In this half day workshop you will:
Learn about the main 7 chakras and their relationship to the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical body;
Understand when and where your body may need some extra attention to feel better;
Learn steps to work with your chakras in the healing process and receive information from your body;
Learn different yoga and breathing positions that help activate your chakras;
Learn how everything IS connected;
Take self-care to an entirely elevated level (quite literally);
And more 

Saturday, February 16
12:00-4:00 pm
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​The early bird cost of the workshop is $77.77
Prices will go up on February 2nd.

Spaces are extremely limited for this class due to size of the space and the exercises that we will be doing.

This work is for you if you:
  • like learning by experiencing rather than setting and listening
  • have an interest in connecting with your body and intuition
  • would like to connect to Source/Spirit?God on a deeper level
  • yearn to speck your truth and wantto become apologetically authentic
  • want to understand the underlying cause of or possibly prevent illness, injury or dysfunction in your body
  • want to break patterns in your life for good
  • want to love and receive more openly
  • want to deepen your connection with others while staying true to yo9urself
  • have a desire to show up more fully for yourself and those around you
  • desire to increase your energy and connect to a stream of healing support