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Yoga Basics is Back

If you have been wanting to start yoga but not sure where to go and the yoga video you bought just isn't making it, then join Megan for a yoga basics class starting Thursday, July 17.

Learn the benefits of yoga breathing, focus and yoga poses that will build your core, general strength, balance and endurance.

This class will be held every other Thursday and it is FREE!!
​We will be accepting any amount of donation for this class with ALL monies going to the Alzheimer's Association.

The benefits of yoga is endless.  It's never to late to add health and vitality to your life.  Every moment is an opportunity to start with a clean slate.

Welcome to The Li'l Yoga Shop....    

The yoga studio is a warm and cosy place to let go of stress, tension and the daily grind.
The human body can heal itself given the right tools.  Stress and tension breaks down the bodies defenses causing endless mental and physical problems.  Find your path back to health and vitality.  Find your path to ...... The Li'l Yoga Shop.  

No need to pre-register or sign-up for classes.  Stop in.  Leave your ego, shoes and stresses of the day at the door.  De-stress!!  Detox......Breathe.

All classes are open. No pre-registering or calling ahead required. We have extra mats available. Yoga is traditionally done in bare feet and clothes that are comfortable and move with the body. ​

Meditation/Mindfulness Class
Check the meditation page for upcoming classes and events