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428 W. Turkeyfoot Lake Rd, Akron, Ohio 44319
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The Li'l Yoga Shop is a warm, cozy yoga studio nestled in the heart of beautiful Portage Lakes.  Located in Kruger Plaza,
 the studio is quiet and low key and the best place to unwind and begin to find your health and your true path in life.  

   The studio offers holistic alternatives to keep you active and healthy
  • Rubber City Chiropractic with Dr. Jim Morgenstern  330.687.1653
  • Reiki and energy healing with Morgan and Monique Hayes 330.620.8412
  • Signature Touch Massage  therapeutic massage with Shanna Evard 330.571.1692

​NO preregistering for any classes. 
The studio sticks to the basics. We are not computerized. We keep it simple, traditional and love human interaction.  
Sound Immersion and Restorative Yoga
Nada Yoga, the yoga of sound.
For thousands of years the profound effect of sound (vibrational frequency) has been understood in many ancient traditions. this 75 minute sound immersion of crystal alchemy singing bowls paired with the deep tones of the Sun and Earth sound creation of the gongs will help optimize the flow of energy within and enhance emotional well being.

Experience the balancing effect o vibrational sound immersion and Restorative yoga. Lisa will guide you thru an energetic re set using crystal singing bowls, gongs and other sound modalities combined with relaxing Restorative yoga led by Melissa. No yoga experience is needed.
Please come to this event well hydrated to help facilitate the movement of sound through the body and no cell phones will be permitted in the room during the sound journey. 

Sunday, August 29 4-5:30 pm

Space is limited so please sign up early either at the L'il Yoga Shop or sign up now with Pay Pal