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Find your own path......The Li'l Yoga Shop   
As "Just Be" prepares to have its new space ready for February, ( the new space is next door to the Li'l Yoga Shop"), Eden has already scheduled Reiki1, Reiki 2 & a Reiki class for KIDS.  We encourage everyone to take Reiki classes because it helps open your own energy and capacity regardless of how else you use it.  And, like meditation, everyone and anyone can do it.  

She has more classes added for the fall season.  For more information and class description, check out the 2015 Schedule of Classes

​Print out a coupon for a Free Class available for New Students

The yoga studio is a warm and cozy place to let go of stress, tension and the daily grind. The human body can heal itself given the right tools. Stress and tension breaks down the bodies defenses causing endless mental and physical problems. Find your path back to health and vitality.  
No need to pre-register or sign-up for classes. Stop in. Leave your ego, shoes and stresses of the day at the door.  
De-stress     Detox     Breathe.  
All classes are open. No pre-registering or calling ahead required. We have extra mats available. Yoga is traditionally done in bare feet and clothes that are comfortable and move with the body 
Upcoming Classes and Workshops
The Li'l Yoga Shop is 
e x p a n d i n g
The shop is so excited to be joining forces with Just Be Meditation. 

Soon we will be a center for so many hearling arts.  More yoga, meditation, reiki, massage and much, much more.  The next couple of weeks will be full of changes and construction.  Please be patient as we make this transition.  
Rock ~N ~Roll Yoga
Moving to 6:45 on Mondays
Starting, Monday, February 2
Time to shake up your yoga routine.  This  ALL LEVEL class combines hatha, power and vinyasa yoga and it is for anyone with a couple yoga classes under their belt.  Stretch, strengthen, realign and connect your body, mind and soul with a playlist that features classic rock, heavy metal, new-age rock and everything in between.
This first class is FREE so join Renee`on Monday, February 2 at 6:45 for a Rockin' good time

Yoga Basics in February
 Starting Tuesday, February 10
9:30 am
This is a great class for beginners, for Level one yogis or anyone who wants to revisit the basics of yoga.

Vinyasa Flow in February
Starting Thursday, February 12
9:30 am
Now that you've learned the basics, its time to put them together and get the blood and energy flowing.  Vinyasa Flow is for everyone who wants to grow their practice at any level.