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Introductory Class
Friday, July 31
Only $5.00

Join Morgan Hayes, ATC for PiYoLive. 
  (More about Morgan) 
PiYoLive is a choreographed, low-impact workout that takes the benefits of Pilates strengthening and the flexibility and flow of Yoga and combines them into one. PiYo speeds up the normal flow of these workouts so you don't hold poses very long, you get your heart rate up by continuously moving in and out of different sequences.  PiYo works on cardio, stretching, and flexibility all in 1 hour.  PiYo is AWESOME, it's fun and makes an hour fly by.

For More Information contact us at
(330) 620-2875

Restorative Yoga 

Sunday, August 16
2:00-3:30 pm

In restorative yoga, props (bolsters, blankets, blocks, etc.) support the body, allowing the individual to fully relax by eliminating unnecessary straining. The postures are usually adapted from supine or seated yoga postures. 
​Instructor: Greg Schumacher, RYT
Experienced -200, has been practicing yoga for approximately 25 years & has been teaching for 20 years. His style is gentle & restorative with an emphasis on connecting the mind and the movement of the body with the breath. 
​*In order to provide maximum attention per participant, this class 
will close at 8 participants.  
Guarantee your spot!!  Pay through PayPal or Credit Card or stop in to reserve you spot. 

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